Line Boogaerts

2015, Mar-

Angle of view

'Angle of view' was a site-specific work, created for the exhibition 'Open M' in museum M, Leuven, Belgium

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video performance, video installation, installation, performance.

About the work

The work I show for Open M, takes as a starting point the facts that took place in Gdansk in 1980. "They almost missed it", I made during a residency in Gdansk, Poland. The work "Angle of view" is a continuation of the work 'They almost missed it". It examines the impact on the personal life of a Polish family, which moved, as a result of Solidarnosc, to Belgium. The facts of 1980 had as a result, we can move more freely within Europe, walls were broken off, doors and borders were opened. After a stay in Poland of 3 months I was curious about the Polish people, living in Belgium.


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