Line Boogaerts

2011, Oct-

point of view window

'point of view window' is a site-specific work and was created for the exhibition 'Fresh', BUDA, Kortrijk, Belgium

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About the work

Starting point of the work 'point of view window' was the surrounding area. The is a retirement home across the budascoop (cinema) and art centre BUDA.

I asked the elderly from the retirement home if I could take pictures of what for them their most valuable objects are. This small, intimate collection of objects, contain status-symbols, but also very emotional objects.
They refer to the individual private stories, memories and dreams of the elderly and have a very specific meaning, only for them.
This contrasts with the art-centre, on the other side of the street, where big stories have been told, they have to be interesting for every participant.

I drew this collections on the windows of the home and on a large scale on the windows of the opposite art-centre and movie-theater 'The Budascoop'.

The elderly look from inside to the outside through the window with drawings of the objects.
The drawings symbolizes how the objects and surroundings determine how we look to the world.


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